Share Issue

Following the Club’s statement of 12 June 2019, we can now give further details of the opportunity which will be given to existing shareholders to apply for further shares.

At the general meeting of shareholders held on 21 May, a number of shareholders enquired as to the possibility of applying for more shares in the club.

The club wishes to make sure that any current shareholders who wish to increase their shareholding have a chance to do so. With this in mind, the club will be happy to consider any applications from existing shareholders for further shares which are received by Friday 6th September 2019. The conditions relating to this shall be as follows:-

  1. In order to comply with the applicable rules, the club will only consider applications from existing shareholders. This will not extend to family members of existing shareholders, and it will not be possible for shareholders to nominate another party to apply for shares instead.
  2. The club will issue up to 36,000,000 additional shares in total to existing shareholders who look to apply for more shares through this process.
  3. The price at which the club will issue additional shares is 1.35 pence per share which is the same price as Football Partners Scotland paid for its recent application for further shares in the club.
  4. Because of the reasons explained at the General Meeting in May, the minimum amount of shares which the club will issue to any individual is 18,518 shares, which means the minimum price which will be accepted is £250. Subject to clause 2 above, applications may be made for any amount above the minimum level.
  5. Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received, and if the maximum amount of shares referred to above has been issued before an application is processed then the club will be unable to accept any more applications.

If any existing shareholder wishes to apply for further shares, then they should complete the letter of application available here, and return it with a cheque (made payable to “Dundee Football Club Limited”) for the total price for such shares and return it to the following address:-

Mr D J Gray, Finance Director, Dundee Football Club Ltd, Kilmac Stadium at Dens Park, Sandeman Street, Dundee, DD3 7JY.

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