Dee Promotions Lottery 27.10.2017

On her last day after 10 and a half years at Dundee FC Receptionist Niccole Ney drew the Dee Promotions Lottery numbers on Friday 27th of October 2017. The jackpot is now sitting at £14,642.20. The Jackpot Numbers are 25 – 19 – 14 – 26.

Four members matched the three number jackpot and they receive a cheque for £45.63. The winning members are: – Mrs M Butter (683), Miss L Gordon (697), Mr K Reilly (23578) & Mr B MacKenzie (51985)

Ten members were drawn for the exclusive Dundee FC Prizes. The winning members are: – Mr J Smyth (218), Mrs F Robertson (1972), Miss K Matthew (2175), Mr R Mitchell (19817), Mr G Grant (22356), Mr I Brown (26084), Miss L Ford (43589),Mr Hughes (52460), Mr C McKinlay (69520) & Mr R Wallace (72905).

To join please contact Alison McQueen Tel: 01382 767045 Email: [email protected]

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