Smoking Policy

Smoking Policy


This policy applies to all employees, subcontractors, temporary workers, customers, clients and visitors. The policy has been developed to protect everyone from exposure to second hand smoke and complies with the Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005.

Every individual has the right to work in a smoke-free environment and it is the policy of the Company to ensure all workplaces are free of tobacco smoke.

Smoking at the Ground is strictly forbidden and will result in ejection from the Ground. Please note that the use of electronic cigarettes is prohibited within the stadium.
Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the entire workplace with no exceptions. This includes company vehicles.

Overall responsibility for the policy rests with the Managing Director. All staff is required to adhere to the policy and cooperate with its implementation and enforcement.

Managers have a significant responsibility to ensure everyone working or visiting at the Company premises are fully aware of this policy and to ensure they adhere to the policy.
‘No Smoking’ signs will clearly be displayed at the entrances to and within the premises.
The Company reserves the right to remove any designated outdoor smoking areas.

Employees in breach of the policy will be subject to action under the Company’s Disciplinary and Dismissal Procedure up to and including summary dismissal.

Non employees in breach of the policy will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

Any individuals seeking support to help stop smoking are reminded of the following support facilities:

Smokeline 0800 848484
Public Health Department of the Local NHS Board
GP Surgery

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