Statement on behalf of Dark Blue Property Holdings

Statement on behalf of Dark Blue Property Holdings

Dark Blue Property Holdings (DBPH) can announce the purchase of Sandeman Properties, owner of Dens Park Stadium.

Sandeman Properties was owned by Mr John Bennett, and we would like to thank Mr Bennett for his goodwill and support of the football club and Scottish Football as a whole throughout his ownership tenure. Mr Bennett purchased Dens Park to aid Dundee Football Club during one of the darkest times for the club back in 2009. The purchase of Dens Park in 2009 played an important and integral part in keeping the club alive during grave financial difficulties. Dundee Football Club and its owners would like to place on record their sincere thanks to Mr Bennett for his services to the club since 2009.

The ultimate purchase of Dens Park by DBPH illustrates the journey the club have gone through from financial difficulty to financial stability. Dundee Football Club have experienced dark times, but the future of the club is now bright with there being great ambition to keep growing and moving the club forward both on and off the pitch.

The purchase of Dens Park is a significant step forward in the process of Dundee Football Club moving away from Dens Park to a new stadium which will be located near Camperdown Park.

DBPH will be submitting their application for the new stadium this calendar year.

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