Season Ticket sales and pricing extended

When 2020/21 Season Tickets were launched we announced sales would be suspended after the final scheduled league game on the 2nd of May.

Due to current circumstances we have decided to continue with the sale of Season Tickets and keep the current prices indefinitely.

The Ticket Office is currently closed but Adults, Seniors and Under 18s can renew or purchase new Season Tickets online.


Renewing Season Tickets –

Existing MyTickets customers will be able to login with their e-mail address associated with their account in ProVenue and their created password. If you are not able to login, or unsure of your password you can use the password reset button.

If you have not purchased via the MyTickets portal previously you will need to create an account using your details and e-mail address associated with their account in ProVenue.

Once you are logged in, you will see ‘Season Ticket renewal’ either when they first login, or by navigating to the “To do list” on the top right where you will be able to select and process.

We may need to ask for verification of the date of birth

Purchasing new Season Tickets –


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