Season Ticket holders streaming login and PPV

Season ticket holders can now log in to our reworked DeeTV site where they will be able to view closed door home matches, starting with Tuesday night’s Betfred Cup match against Forfar Athletic.

To login, for the Username – Season Ticket holders should use their name-surname-client reference number – i.e. John-Smith-1234567

The password is the client reference number on their season ticket: i.e. 1234567

Login can be tested now but please do not contact the email support until our live test between 1-3pm tomorrow (Monday).

To log in visit –

For those looking to purchase a pay per view pass of Tuesday’s match this is available now from another brand new site.

You must register a username and password, then can purchase the event.

Please ensure that you also bookmark this site as you will return to watch the match on this platform.

The link to the PPV site is –

If you require any technical support or help logging in, please contact