Regional Performance Centre for Sport

An amended planning application for Dundee’s Regional Performance Centre for Sport looks likely to be brought forward early next year.

The application is being changed by Dundee City Council after Dundee Football Club decided to withdraw its interest in the planned scheme.

Ken Guild leader of Dundee City Council said: “When the original planning application was lodged in July the centre was going to provide facilities for Dundee FC as well as a training and competition venue for regional squads across a wide but defined range of sports.

“The football club withdrawing its interest has given us an opportunity to take another look at the site and see if there is another way to lay out the facilities that we want to have there in a more efficient and effective way.

“It will also offer an opportunity to locate the new facilities further away from potentially sensitive areas within the park.

“That means that an amended planning application will be submitted once that process is complete and we have a detailed site plan to consider.”

Managing Director John Nelms said: “The Club maintains a good relationship with the council and we continue to work alongside them in relation to an alternative location for the Club facility.”