Dee make the toubkal summit

Earlier this month an adventurous group of Dundee supporters including members from the Board of Directors of the club climb Mount Toubkal to raise funds to support Dundee Football Club’s youth development and local charity Help for Kids.

Mount Toubkal in Morocco is the highest peak in North Africa at 13,671 feet above sea level and the 18 man group set off on the 3rd June.

The group had to fend of horrendous weather conditions and sleepless nights but battled on to reach to summit.

The Club are incredibly proud of the climbers and would like to congratulate each and every one for their incredible effort.

We would also like to thank the sponsors of the climb.

In excess of £18,000 was raised for youth development at Dens Park along with a donations to Help for Kids and the relief effort in Nepal.

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