Club Statement

The Board of Dundee Football Club would like to unequivocally condemn those deeply offensive images and comments which were posted online on a number of websites at the weekend.

Those who did so do not represent Dundee FC in any way and as well as the great hurt and distress which they must have caused the Thompson family, they have also dragged the good name of our club and one of our own most beloved heroes through the mire. This is unconscionable and totally unacceptable to our Board of Directors and to our fans.

We have previously reported incidents in relation to threats and abusive behaviour online and elsewhere to the Police and those matters have in turn been reported to the Crown Office. This matter has been similarly reported and we will cooperate fully with the ongoing Police investigation.

We have this morning apologised to the Dundee United Chairman as a matter of common decency and extend that apology to his wider family. We have very good personal and business relationships with our close neighbours and work closely wherever we can for the benefit of the football community in our City.

We will not allow anyone to come between our two clubs genuine sporting rivalry with such disgraceful behaviour and we look forward to playing Dundee United next season in the good spirit we have always done.

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