2016 Minimum wage check - update

2016 Minimum wage check – update

The club can provide the following update on the 2016 Inland Revenue minimum wage check of records as it has received a letter of satisfaction and closure of the check. 

In June 2016 the club discovered it had failed to pay 4 players the minimum wage to which they were entitled. The underpayment was due to administrative shortcomings in our payroll process. The aggregate value of the underpayment was approximately £2,200.

The players affected were advised, immediately, that they had been underpaid and that the arrears due to them would be settled in the next payroll run. Those under payments were made with their June 2016 salary.

An Inland Revenue minimum wage inspection took place in early June 2016. The Inland Revenue inspector was advised at the initial meeting, of the minimum wage breaches, discovered by the club.

Due to the drafting of the minimum wage legislation, as the money had not been actually paid to the youth players by the date the inspection commenced, the club found it had breached the minimum wage legislation.

The club is fully supportive of the legislation and has been advised that the actions that we took put us in full compliance. We are committed to ensuring that all of our staff are paid the appropriate rates. 

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