1893 Foundation

1893 Foundation

Celebrate our history, shaping our future

Since Dundee Football Club was founded in 1893, we have seen it all.

The triumph of winning major trophies, celebrations of promotions, magnificent runs in Europe, the agony of losing finals, despair of relegation, the fear induced by financial difficulties swiftly followed by the togetherness and solidarity. As always we pulled together in tough times and we made sure that Dundee Football Club will be be here from our Grandkids, our Grandkid’s Grandkids and beyond.

WE are the lifeblood of the club

WE that travel o’er land and o’er sea

WE who roar on the team

WE who wear the badge with pride

WE who twirl the scarf

WE the supporters

WE are the foundation

Today we launch the 1893 Foundation which provides a unique opportunity to help maintain the future of the football club.

Aim – To support the aims and objectives of Dundee Football Club through membership subscription while bringing the club and the supporters together.

How – Sign up now for monthly payments of £10, £20, £40 or £100. All money going directly into Dundee Football Club.

For every payment you put in you will edge closer to the next reward milestone which will see supporter earn exclusive scarfs, t-shirt, signed shirts and hospitality plus much more.

Monthly draws will be carried out with prizes to be announced each month and members will also have the opportunity to attend exclusive events.



“It has been great working with the club to take forward the proposal for a monthly membership scheme similar to schemes of other clubs. The 1893 Foundation gives the supporters a chance to become a member of a supporter reward scheme with monthly draws, milestone rewards and access to exclusive events as well as supporting the club financially.”

Ross Day and Scott Roberts, 1893 Foundation Ambassadors


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